• STEAMPUNK is an artistic movement and a sub-genre of science fiction, the works of which are frequently set in 19th century Victorian England or in fictional eras or worlds which resemble this time period in some way. Its name is derived from the genre's distinctive blend of Victorian and anachronistic technologies; that is, steampunk works place sophisticated technological advancements into a world still on the brink of industrial revolution, where industries such as mining, metallurgy and steam power are only just gaining prominence. The technologies depicted, though highly advanced, tend to fit in with the Victorian aesthetic: instead of the concealed components of our era, the technologies in steampunk works are made up of cumbersome exposed parts such as coil springs, hand cranks and gears which can all be easily pulled apart and modified by tinkerer characters.
    Although this artistic movement has many manifestations, from fashion and music to architecture, the focus of this website will be primarily on the way steampunk functions within the film medium.

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